About Us

TAEKC is a forward-looking logistic enterprise tailored for people who want highly customized transportation services for their businesses, conferences, tours, big or small events with the best quality and at the lowest price. We at TAEKC cherish our clients and their satisfaction is our priority, therefore we offer cab services with online and offline support to always assist them.


TAEKC has been founded by the industry’s professional, an entrepreneur Mukesh, who has been serving the adventure-seeking travelers for over two decades. Having a tremendous experience in the travel world, Mukesh now decided to meet the expectations of his clients and create something extraordinary for those who seek highly customizable, quality logistic services.


Why choose us?

Need a fleet of cabs for your event? We’ll provide you with the best services in the city at the best price. Need transport logistics for big conferences? That’s our thing. Need transport for an organized guided tour for a group of tourists? We’ve got it!

Feel free to contact us for tailored orders and bear in mind; whatever you need – we have it! It doesn’t cost anything to ask. Your satisfaction is ours too.